Project Beauty:

Teens are often bombarded with images of what is deemed "beautiful" by society. This culture has always been there but social media has magnified this and puts it at the forefront of teens daily lives. Project Beauty's goal is to bring natural, true beauty to the front of everyone's social media and to re-enforce that teens do not need to look a certain way in order to be accepted by their peers and fit in.

The Mission: 

Redefine how beauty is depicted on social media and to photograph teens with no makeup and no retouching. The result are images that allow these girls to walk away feeling more confident and empowered than before and to showcase what true beauty is.

Everyone has a story.....

Everyone has a story to tell but does anyone listen? Do you feel you're isolated, don't feel anyone understands or actually listens to you? Do you feel suffocated, alone or invisible? Does the perfect life really exist? Are you a victim of bullying, lost your sense of self worth? 

We all have problems in our lives now matter how perfect others may seem. Do you hide letting your friends know the struggles and self dout you have for fear of not being accepted?

The perfect life only exists on TV or the movies. We all have problems in our lives no matter how perfect someone else's life seems to be. It's not abnormal that we sometimes want to hide our struggles and self doubt from our friends fearing they won't understand what we are going through. Just know, you are not alone!

Do you struggle with;

  1. Sense of self worth?
  2. Body image?
  3. Not being heard, no one listens or understands?
  4. Do you struggle with eating disorders?
  5. Do you have depression or periods of depression?
  6. Thoughts of suicide, not valuing your own life?
  7. Have you been sexually assaulted or harassed?
  8. Are you a target of bullying?
  9. Hiding problems in your home life?
  10. Dealing with cancer or other illness no one understands?
  11. Dealing with fears, pain and disappointments?
  12. Are you invisible?
  13. Do you feel accepted?
  14. Do you sometimes feel hopelessness?
  15. Don't feel pretty enough?

These and other things can be the catalyst to not feeling or believing in your own true beauty or self worth. Your true beauty is what lives within you! Let's show the world your "true beauty"!

Session Details;

  1. Session Fee is $65
  2. You'll receive approximately 7-10 B&W digital images.
  3. 100% of proceeds go to TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms).
  4. All participants receive a Project Beauty T-Shirt
  5. Additional T-Shirts are available for $20.00

Specifics of your Project Beauty shoot!

  • Sessions- Approximately 20 minutes.
  • No Makeup- No makeup includes no concealers or foundation.
  • Hair- Totally up to you.
  • Skin- Wash your face really good the night before. Be sure to moisturize really well.
  • Lips- No lipstick but use balm to prevent chapped lips.
  • Nails- No polish but except maybe nude, buffed or french polish.
  • What to wear- Jeans or jean shorts and a white top of any kind. Loose is preferred, button down is great, whatever you feel most comfortable in.
  • Remember, this is not about fashion, it's about the real you!
  • Shoes- Not really, let's go basic and go barefoot.
  • Outfit changes- Yes you can. An example, if you feel most beautiful in a ballet costume then bring it. There's no restrictions we just want the real you!
  • Talk- Don't be afraid to talk about things during the session, I'm listening... it's just me and you.
  • I can’t wait to get started with you!!! 
  • Editing- Images are converted to B&W and temporary blemishes may be removed upon request.

Project Beauty T-Shirts Additional Project Beauty T-Shirts are available for $20 at the shoot, sizes are limited.

Current dates are July 25 & 26. More will be added when these are sold out.